Web Design

Websites - professional eCommerce

We develop dynamic websites and eCommerce, we design for them both the features and the graphic design. We love make original, exclusive and unique themes, but at the same time, keeping the navigation and consultation easy and fluent.

Our sites have themes developed entirely by ourselves, following the customers needs. About coding we use the most modern framework and languages such as PHP, HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript that make the sites efficient on any latest browsers and able to fit properly on any screen dimension (smartphone, tablet, notebook, monitor HD, smart TV etc.).
Besides the design and the user experience, we consider very important that our customers could directly manage and update their sites, therefore we provide with all the tools and professional CMS that can help the clients to manage their sites in easy way.

Domain, hosting and email

We buy and manage domains, web hosting, email accounts and all the web services that customer requires.

SEO and social

We optimize the sites to increase their the performance and visibility on search engines, we also manage the companies communication on the most popular social networks.

Support and updates

We support our customers in all their needs including the maintenance and updating of their websites.

Graphics e packaging

Graphics and artwork

We design the graphics for promotional and advertising purposes and for any types of products and service. We take care of business graphics lines from letterhead to complex catalogs.

Design of packaging

Design of the artworks, layouts and shapes of any product packaging.